Decor & Frames

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A house has a character partly because of its architecture and choice of materials and paintings but its soul is given to it by your finishing touches through decoration and personal items. This is how your house becomes a home. Dijtham is fully aware of this and has therefore created a Decor and Frames department. Here you will find everything necessary to decorate your home through various types of items.

Decorative mouldings are an easy and beautiful way of conferring a specific character and style to your home. Most of them are easily painted over meaning you can choose to have them meld into your design or stand out by leaving them white against a beautiful colored wall.

The frames department is one of our pride and glory. We have a very large assortment of all kinds and types of frames to enable you to find a suitable way to hang up all your cherished personal pictured memories. It does not matter if it is a family picture, a drawing from your child or grandchild, a lithography or an expensive and valuable painting. Of course, you might need some advice.  Not to worry, our experienced staff is there to help you.

Dijtham is also proud to be the exclusive dealer of the brands: Orak Decor and Fikszo Home Design. Orac Décor specializes in decorative mouldings, decorative elements and indirect lighting. Fikszo offers insect screens in all types and measurements for doors, windows and other house openings.


Dijtham is exclusive dealer of:

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