In countries such as ours and tropical climates where rain is scarce, irrigation and recycling of water are important. An irrigation system in the garden is not only reserved for companies, hotels or rich people. Lots of smaller gardens are equipped with an irrigation system. Most of them work on the simple system of re-using rain water or used waters and leading them through irrigation pipes to where the water is most needed in the garden. The redistribution of water can be manual or can be programmed through an automated system.

Irrigation does not only save you money on your power and waters bill, it is also ecological. We help our planet by using less water and energy for the production of tap water. Dijtham has also created a separate department for irrigation products with brands such as Rain bird, Truper and Speedfit. We try to keep our staff in this department trained on all the products offered as we believe that irrigation is one of the best ways to contribute to ecology on the island and of course let us not forget the beauty of all those green gardens or home grown vegetables and fruits.

If you want more information about the installation of complete irrigation systems, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to devise a specific plan with you. And while you are at it, you can also have a look at our nursery. Maybe you will find some new additions for your garden.



Dijtham is exclusive dealer of:

Speedfit rain bird