Swimming Pool Department

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There is nothing better with these tropical temperatures than to be able to cool off by jumping in your pool. That is an absolute fact, but to be able to enjoy all the pleasures of your pool, you do need to maintain the latter correctly. Of course, there are professional companies that can take care of that for you, but maybe you do not want to have a stranger in your home every week or you simply like taking care of it yourself.

To do so, you will need some specific material. Not only do you need a few tools such as brushes, nets or a specific pool vacuum cleaner but you will also need some chemicals and various tests to maintain a clean and healthy water for swimming. If you do not maintain this, you might risk contracting fungal infections or other diseases through infected water. Or your pool may simply become so dirty and murky that you will not want to swim in it anymore.

Dijtham offers all you need to maintain your swimming pool.   Of course, if you need any advice on products or on the differences between various brands, please do not hesitate to contact us or simply ask one of our staff in store.


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